After learning about Google Maps API and creating a project using it in my Interactive Writing and Design class, we were tasked with the objective to design a website that used data pulled from a public API. Due to my love for video games, I decided to make a website that would display information, such as genre, ESRB rating, etc., about a particular video game.

For this project, I used RAWG.IO's database to generate the information seen on the website. The .GIF displays an example of the information that will display (if available). The layout design uses CSS grid and flexbox.


Is my love for video games apparent? Again, my love for video games inspired yet another project.


Previously, I made a CRT TV with CSS grid and I wanted to build upon that idea for this assignment. I love the PS1 start-up screen, so I decided to re-create it with the use of GSAP and Adobe Illustrator (where all the SVGs were made).



In my Visual Aesthetics class, which focused on graphic design principles, we were given the task to complete a kinetic typography video that accompanied an audio of our choosing. I chose the poem titled "The Dream Keeper" by Langston Hughes because I found it to be inspiring and uplifting. 

Each illustration was made in Adobe Illustrator and imported into After Effects afterwards to be animated.

Planning is a key component to the success of any project. In the PDF you can see the storyboard I made to determine how I wanted each frame in the kinetic typography video to be. The storyboard displays color choices, typography, iconography, and descriptions of the animations I wanted to include.


In my Visual Aesthetics class, we had to create a fictitious mobile application in Adobe XD.

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